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She was, however, embarrassed when a lawyer accused Tom of hating black women simply because he was married to her.

the boondocks sarah

She and Tom have also clashed over her support for Ralph Nader.

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During the episode "It's a Black President, Huey Freeman" she met Obama and made the insinuation she had sex with him.

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Despite this, she does show concern for her husband on many occasions.

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Sarah DuBois

Uncle Ruckus claims that Sarah married Tom out of pity, not out of love. Stinkmeaner once took control of Tom's body and realizing that this attractive white woman was Tom's wife told Sarah of his desire to have sex right now. It is most likely that their sex life is not that good, or that Tom simply did not give her enough pleasure. Sarah, like her husband, is liberal and fiercely political. Though Ruckus doesn't know enough about them and is just a racist, is unknown if is truth but since they live in a small community and uncle Ruckus is leader of said community it wouldnt be weird for him to know a secret or two of the community members. Despite having sexual frustrations with Tom, one episode showed Tom and Sarah having sex with each other. Sarah appeared rather surprised and somewhat delighted to hear that, asking her possessed husband just what got into him, with Stinkmeaner stating an innuendo as the same thing that was about to get into her.

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