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What did you love most about the job?

ebony flight attendant

I began my career with Delta in and racism was still very common.

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No matter the situation, we always handled it with professionalism.

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Eugene rode around in a cab for several hours trying to find a place to stay.

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It turns out that Delta had paid for a room for him and one was available, but the desk clerk had just refused to give it to him.

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Fly Girls: One of The First Black Flight Attendants Tells All

Let me say this, most of the flight attendants we worked with were nice and Delta was always very supportive of us, but many times it was a different story with the passengers. Or, at times, they would choose to room with others instead of sharing a room with you. By then it was time for morning pickup so he never got to sleep that night. Nobody was going to deny us the job, so we dealt with it. I met a lot of professional sports figures like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. After this happened to several of us, we came to the conclusion that they didn't want to take a shower after a black person.

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