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Grass socks made from Elymus mollis used to be worn inside sealskin boots.

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In addition to being addressed as kin by one's namesake's relations, a person Continues a special relationship with these people.

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While taking a sweat bath, men protected their heads with a crude cap of puffin, eider duck, or murre skins.

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The black skin of wolf fish Anarhichas sp.

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Patton , "Genetic variation in domestic reindeer and wild caribou in Alaska".

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Yup'ik clothing

Liner : The fur liner for skin boot murun or muruqaq , also means slipper in Yup'ik and Cup'ik. Fairbanks: Alaska Native Language Center. Retrieved on November 15, Mittens of silver salmon skins which reached to the elbow were worn by men when hunting in a kayak in spring. Sealskin could be used to make strands for rope and were used to make maklak skin boots.

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