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zonkpunch renamon

User - 15 Jun 19 I'm wondering, do you plan to go the route that other creators have gone and make "close-ish" characters?

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Hmm, any chance of any inflation or slight inflation making into the final render?

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Your work is so great and honestly makes me happy.

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User - 8 Feb 20 Can't wait for the sound!

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But it really sucks we will not see any pokemon related characters anymore from you! User - 24 Jun 19 Dang lookin really good, at first I wasn't sure of the angle of the pucci but now I'm like, It's thick as heck and good. Not even 24 hours had passed before porn started popping up. User - 25 May 19 - revision 3. And then on patreon just putting a "new updates on discord" post, without any mention of what it is that you're working on, on patreon.

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