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Originally posted by pikachuinthehouse requested by anon pairing: negasonic x fem!

negasonic teenage warhead tumblr

Sure, she was still in training, but she already got her own spandex suit.

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No incest while Wolverine creepily watches, though, so I guess this has less content warnings than X-Men.

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Until you are lost in the music.

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Faster than Negasonic wanted.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You do the best you can, but sometimes you get too comfortable and forget. Heavy masculine chairs are scattered around, and easels of stretched canvas with half finished landscapes on them face the windows. Though she could see the good in Ellie, the sweetness that lived in her beneath the bitter exterior, not everyone could. I need names, places, times. Negasonic knew he meant Just in case you decide to run off. She would make you coffee in the morning, offer to come with you on grocery runs, being protective when guys hit on you in clubs. She helped get supplies together for the team.

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