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Alan could feel her heat on him.

erotic massage stories 4

But if this was reality, Alan welcomed it, gratefully.

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Someone would be the wiser if they were still in this room when the hour ended.

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Maged November 22, at pm.

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Erotic Massage Stories Vol. 4

Later, as her thumbs dug into his calves, hamstrings, and inner-thighs, she imagined the pieces as a whole, standing, naked, in a well-lit place. As she worked his body, her hands served as her eyes. Deviant Peach November 6, at am. The heat Ally gave off provided a crude type of sonar in his pitch-black world. He could smell Ally: flowers, or strawberries? Alan had gone to massage therapists for many years. When he had moved, and she let the sheet back down, she and Alan noticed it at the same time.

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