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I was training for a marathon that month, so every day I went out for a run and then to the gym.

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His arm accidentally brushed my knee and it felt absolutely electrifying.

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We both looked up to see the stranger with his massive cock pulled out of his pants.

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Day trip at the water park, here we go!

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He was studying on Saturday, trying to get his first week of assignments done when Jason walked back in the room from the gym, tossing his gym back lazily on the couch.

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The shrinking serum worked so fast that by the time he handed it back to me, he was already half a foot shorter than he was. After a bit i feel myself start to melt into his load making it bigger and heavier. He looked down at his small body in panic as I lifted my hands from his shoulders. Only one other person knew, and that was my jogging buddy Bill. Jason watched in amazement as his nerd roommate sunk down, diminishing in his chair until he was only inches tall, in a pile of his old clothes. I only realised something was weird when my bodily awareness started to shift.

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