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William Levy wants to be more than a heartthrob In a wide-ranging interview with FNL, Levy talked about everything from phone sex, to his effort to expand his brand, his willingness to do a telenovela with Thalia, and even play gay movie roles.

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Though, Levy admits, it would have to be something that doesn't include nine months shooting in a studio.

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Then became a telenovela sensation starring in prime-time Latino soap-operas "Cuidado del Angel" and more recently "La Tempestad.

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William Levy Naked Photos: Did ABC Know About 'Dancing With The Stars' Contestant's Racy Images?

He thinks telenovelas are just too time-consuming and prefers doing movies which allow actors to concentrate more on acting and less on rushing to shoot the next scene. Levy, who is not married but has a longtime girlfriend, started his career as a model. William Levy is known as a hunk, a heartthrob, and he's even been nicknamed the "Cuban Brad Pitt. There are worse things to be known as, but it turns out the year-old Cuban actor is tired of being labeled as the 'hot guy' and wants his brand to count for more than a chiseled six pack. Tyson Beckford plays another one of those men.

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