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Dietfried is ordered to protect a special envoy who will be traveling to a conference to sign a peace treaty formally ending the war.

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However, Violet cannot find the words to say.

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Defeated, the enemy army bombs their own headquarters, and Gilbert sacrifices his life to push Violet to safety.

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As a result, Violet is sent along with her to assist her in writing.

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His mother then left home to search for him and never returned either, causing Leon to resent them and the concept of love. Violet is paired with a young scholar named Leon, who initially dislikes her and dolls in general. Despite his desire to raise Violet as a normal girl, Gilbert is forced by his superiors to put her on the frontlines due to her combat abilities. Violet is overjoyed at the return of the brooch, and agrees to attend a Doll training course. There, she meets and befriends a girl named Luculia Marlborough. She then witnesses the Auto Memory Dolls of the ghostwriting department writing a letter for an illiterate man who wants to proclaim his love to someone.

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