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MacFarlane stated, "Some of the fans actually noticed, commented on the fact that this was a very abrupt resolution, but, to that I would say, you're not watching CSI

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It gained a Nielsen rating of 4.

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While playing Trivial Pursuit , Lois uses questions from the preschool edition for Peter in order to let him win.

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However, he accidentally drenches Lois with boiling oil.

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Plus, the appearance of the Naked, Greased-Up Deaf Guy gave hope that the creators still had that sense of the bizarre in them.

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However, he performs so poorly that he is declared technically mentally retarded. Peter is overjoyed that everything is back to normal, as well as the fact that Lois will smell like French fries for the next six months. Various scenes in the episode were changed or removed because of broadcast censors. The three are placed in the care of Cleveland. Archived from the original on May 22,

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