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Like the "superpredator" theory, its impact will likely continue even as the theory itself is discredited empirically.

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Roberts concludes that they: "are better understood as a way of punishing Black women for having babies rather than as a way of protecting Black fetuses".

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The researchers mention only in pasing the contexts of "unequal resource distribution and generalized resource scarcity" without analysing the causes and creators of these contexts.

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High school students across the country agree that "they're making schools like prisons":.

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It introduced "family cap" measures, which denied benefits for children born while their mother was receiving welfare.

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Finally, recapitulation theory's intimacy with colonialism suggests that knowledge will provide a continuing gloss of and cover for the exercise of subordinating power that speaks of immaturity, emotionality, conformity, and irrationality" Lesko, N. The "passive young woman" image lumps together Southern and Muslim women into a single figure hidden behind a veil interpreted as a sign of "women's unfreedom. Its approach ignores the fact that a pregnancy often motivates chemically-addicted women to seek treatment, and its birth control methods offer no protection from HIV. Yet in reality, most of those locked up have committed non-violent crimes out of economic need. Indeed, many critics of the French state would usually oppose such an agenda if it were not blurred by the conflation of "traditions" and identity.

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