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The injected mice were divided into two groups.

lethal lipps bio

The commonly held view that small synthetic peptides cannot mimic effects of large polypeptide ligands is now considerably out of date

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Synthetic murine epidermal growth factor sequence is mitogenic and angiogenic.

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LT was also effective to neutralize the lethality of cobratoxin, plant-derived ricin, and botulinum toxin.

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The purification and characterization of an antihemorrhagic factor in opossum Didelphis virginiana serum. Synthetic LT inhibits the lethality of venoms and toxins even when administered 2 h later, therefore it has a potential as a universal treatment for intoxication by animal, plant, and bacterial toxins. The trypsin digested fragments were separated on HPLC. On testing it turned out to be active, therefore a peptide consisting of 10 amino acids, excluding the last 5 of the 15 amino acids, was constructed and designated as LT, with Leu-Lys-Ala-Met-Asp-Pro-Thr-Pro-Pro-Leu. Isolation and partial characterization of an anti-bothropic complex from the serum of South American Didelphidae.

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